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Fastway TV USA Broadcast News public Channel is owned and operated by “Sikh of America” is an non profit organization. Who’s Mission is to promote gender equality,human rights,religious equality. Giving unbiased news to Punjabi community living around the world. Sikh of America’s educational media helps prepare children for success in school. It is informed that we at FastwayTV USA We posted this news to make the world aware of the conditions, atrocities Voice of the people Stop the violence and bring peace to the world Human rights news Broadcast We at Sikh of America are pleased to share our latest initiative dedicated to empowering and upliftment of women all over the world, specially in developing and third world countries, those who have been a victim of society, culture and political harassment. We are committed to help this women stand on their feet and migrate to safer countries like ,http://sikhofamerica.com/ Sikh of America .

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