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FastWay TV has produced their own talent show, TV shows, and a variety of programs. FastWay TV also have programs relating towards news, movies, and religious.

FastWayTV distributes with Multi-Language/International channels also, we use Global IPTV Network Systems to operate.. There are four major financial comparisons necessary for cost efficient IPTV communication systems, these are: underlying technology, market requirements and network size, and economics We broadcast channels to each and every country around the world… And we connect all of the channels onto one plateform. Our aim is to broadcast all of the channels to every country around the world. Country to Country, City to City, House to House.Our company Welcomes all New channels Our team of employes are dedicated to finishing the job 24/7 .

Quality & Live TV: Fast Way TV brings you HDTV quality content LIVE from the web, straight to your living room Television set. All you need is an internet connection of 1.5 MBPS or higher. It’s truly that simple!. Fast Way TV brings you live TV in extremely high definition and quality, allowing you to feel a part of the action!.

Global News & Current Affairs: Now it is easier than ever to keep up-to-date with every news-worthy and current event story in the world, whether you are in America of Africa. With Fast Way TV, the world’s events are literally at your fingertips and you can now be a part of them. Enjoy LIVE News, the hottest talk shows and make sure that you keep up to date with the world as it continues to turn.

FastWayTV is the first online information and interactive service focusing on the World Wide International Television and Media business. It ‘s user base has grown over the past eight years making it the world’s most widely read online Media, Advertising, Marketing & FastWayTV Box Television resource.

Apart from conceiving and executing promotional campaigns targeted at the Media, Marketing & Television Trade online, it also offers similar services offline, thus providing clients with a 360 degree media service and marketing solution. Target Audience: Media, Advertising, Marketing, Cable and Satellite TV,IPTV professionals, regulatory officials, journalists,diehard TV fans both in India and overseas.

FastWayTV LLC Email Address: info@fastwaytv.com Phone Number:917 746 9910